Pruning, Anyone? …Anyone? Isaiah 61:1-11: Part II

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

We read Isaiah 61 and have spent time meditating on Jesus as more than the One Who keeps us from suffering the eternal penalty of sin in Hell. He is also our perfecter. He, through the work of the Holy Spirit and His written word, changes who we once were to make us the image of Himself. In doing so, He also makes us like Him; able to stand against the enemy (Satan and wicked spirits) and rule, conquer, succeed, and prevail in any/every circumstance which presents itself.

He desires that we have no weakness by which the enemy is allowed access to hinder us. Much in the same way a master gardener prunes trees and flowers to keep them from being susceptible to infection or infestation by pests. As you read through Isaiah 61, change your perspective a little bit. Don’t just stop at thinking its a great chapter in the Bible about salvation-A one-time encounter with the Lord. See the process happening. The LORD is bringing the believer from glory to glory. Transformation and preparation. Taking the believer from the quality, character, or state they once were to what He wants them to be.

Work/focus on the same topics of correction as God, at the same time He desires to work/focus on it. Let Him direct the topic/subjects of conversation between you and He. Why? Doing so brings about unity and unison with God. Cooperating with the Lord, instead of fighting against Him, always makes everything better. God’s nature is to deal with the heart or root of a problem, not simply the visible fruit. Think about the fig tree in Mark 11: 20. Notice the leaves weren’t simply withered, or merely the top part of the tree. Instead, the whole tree from the roots upward was destroyed. You, the person, are not the tree, here. The tree represents dead branches. We are shown God’s approach to dealing with everything. God does a complete and thorough work, not a partial job.  

Meditate on the transforming power of God through the LORD Jesus, the Christ. Are there any areas He wants to transform in you? Are there any areas He wants to prune in your life, thoughts, or plans for yourself? If so, are you cooperating with Him? Or, are you fighting against Him (even a little)? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, begin to prepare your heart to receive the work of the Holy Spirit in you. Let your thoughts find Jesus’, the author and finisher of your faith, work in you through the Holy Spirit to be pleasant and a joy-cherished rather than feared or avoided. Allow the joy of the Lord to rise up in you as you meditate!

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