Pruning, Anyone? …Anyone? Isaiah 61:1-11: Part III

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Now that we’ve spent time allowing the joy of the Lord to increase in our spirits, let’s concentrate on verses 4-11 of Isaiah 61; and compare it with Romans 5:1-5.

These selections of Scripture parallel one another, even though the words may sound different at first glance. Isaiah is describing a process and Romans is telling us exactly what traits this process will produce; should it be allowed to take its course as God desires. Recognizing what the Lord is doing is an important skill we must develop as children of the Most High God. We should not be as those who worship Him from afar, never knowing Him as He is. But, we should be as those who draw close to Him to hear His voice and obey; loving the very sound of Him, as well as the opportunity to come into deep fellowship with Him in the fullness of who He is. 

Romans 5:3 talks about tribulation. The Greek word used here means pressure or a pressing together. The feeling that we (each of us) often experience when we are being groomed by God. The word used in this verse isn’t a reference to trouble coming from Satan. We are repeatedly instructed to rule over Satan in various times and ways throughout the Scriptures (James 4:7; Ephesians 4:27; Ephesians 6:11). After all, there is nothing that comes from Satan that could ever produce anything good; let alone have a good result in anyone’s life. But, on the other hand, time with God – in the hands of the Master…. Submitted to His Lordship, allowing Him to conform you into His image – will produce the characteristics listed in Romans 5:1-5. You will begin to be able to follow along with the Scriptures and say, “I see this in my life. I have that fruit in my life. I’m doing that.”

Others will be able to see Isaiah 61: 4-11 when they look at you. They will begin to see the once ruined places now rebuilt. And, call you a minister of the Lord. Where you were once less than honorable, you now have the character of the true and living God being made manifest in you at every turn. You will be a bride adorned for her husband, the Lord Jesus. And, you will be a testament to the goodness of the Lord and His righteous majesty. Hallelujah! 

God is the quality craftsman. He will not, or does not ever, build on faulty foundations. He is the wise, Mater Builder who only builds on His best foundation – Jesus the Christ, the Chief Cornerstone. Jesus is the only foundation who will never fail.

Don’t be afraid. Drive fear from your heart so you can hear His voice clearly and trust Him entirely. Hear Him and allow Him to have complete and total access to every aspect of you-especially the aspects you hope no one else will ever see or know about. Let Him truly be in control at the helm of the ship; which is you. He won’t disappoint you-He never fails. Neither does His Word return void, but it accomplishes everything He sends it to accomplish! He won’t fail you! 

#GodNeverFails #HavetheCharacterofGod

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