Psalm 139 Part 2 – No Matter What, God Is Willing To Help

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

As we read Psalm 139:13-18 we find, even more surprising than the fact of God’s omnipresence, is the fact that God wants to be there. Not that He wants to be in hell, or find us running away from Him or from His love for us; but, He wants to be there for you. He’s waiting for that time, that moment when you turn around to find Him. He is waiting for the second you turn and find that He is waiting for your return; No matter how far you’ve gone, no matter how dark it’s gotten. No matter how high up or out of reach you think you are, God is there. Reach out to find Him, today. Are there any areas of your life you may be resisting the LORD? Meditate on the LORD’s willingness to help anyone, no matter what they’ve done or been through. Meditate on the LORD’s willingness to help you.

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